Static Screen - News Archive - September 2002
Object Tutorial and the Flag of Static Screen 9-02-02 12:23 PM EST
Concerning the .DTS creating breakthrough, S-110 has successfully created several test objects, and has posted an early tutorial on making shapes here. Very cool, S-110. =)

You've also probably already noticed this while you've been reading this, but Static Screen now has new banners. Currently there are only two though, a small one in the Control Panel, and a large one at the bottom of the page. Feel free to use either of them to link to the site, but remember NOT to link to the images directly.

Starsiege Mega Arena Updates 9-01-02 1:24 AM EST
My own map, the Starsiege Mega Arena, has been updated. The lastest version fixes a bug which caused Starsiege to crash when calling a match on the 'Open' arena. You can download it from the Maps download area.