Static Screen - About this site
Static Screen is a Starsiege site dedicated to researching of verious components of the Starsiege game engine, and then taking those componenets and developing them into one giant source of information. In many cases, Static Screen has also delved into the engine where few to none have gone before and returned with valuable information that could potentially change perspective between the player and the game itself. Its main purpose is to give the player the potential to enhance the gameplay, either through mods, building new shapes, or the use of combat tactics, etc.

Why an R&D site?
It seemed like the best decision at the time because everything else had been pretty much done (have you seen Starsiege Holdover yet?). Actually, it all started in the earliar days of the Starsiege Men In Black, and most of us in the squad were pretty obsessed with scripting and getting the most out of the Mission Editor. Then one I said to them, "What if people knew the full potetial of vehicles and weapons? Why not make a site?". And then I got to work.

At first all I wanted it to be was a small table of vehicle and weapons data taken straight from the .dat files and fully analized. The site was called the Starsiege Resource Vortex at the time, and had a nifty simple design (which is still does now). Then the site started to expand as new sections were added, and then it was later renamed to Static Screen. Now it finally has hosting at Sun and Shadows and forums at, allowing me to expand even further. That's all there really is to say about Static Screen, besides its new motto: "Always Researching Always Developing."