Static Screen - Main Page
Minor Update 01-31-05 7:41 PM EST
Thanks goes to dun_Starscraper for pointing out a couple of typographical errors in the sensor and armor formulae.

Uhh, stuff here is pretty outdated. I can't rearrange and prettify the site right now, since I still need to learn PHP and databases and stuff, which I hope to have Aldaron get me started on, and either learn how to photoshop awesome or find a good web designer/artist. Blah. Maybe when SS:2845 comes out. Speaking of which, the ATR release date has been pushed back to February. Ahh, something about a patch? Yes, I'm playing stupid. Go me. =P

Starsiege: 2845 Alpha Tech Release 10-15-04 5:07 PM EST
That's right: Clan Core Design has just announced the release date of Starsiege: 2845's first Alpha Test Release. It's planned to be available by January 2005. Details on what will be included in the ATR are currently unvailable, however for those interested you can check it out here.

Since I'm doing an update right now, I might as well mention that I've fixed up that crummy iFrame the site uses so that it looks right (for the most part... still can't get the scrollbar to look right) in Mozilla Firefox. Anyways, we're long overdue for an overhaul. Hopefully I can get something done with the site around December. In the mean time, enjoy the updates.

Lots of stuff 09-03-04 7:54 PM EST
Alright, if you haven't already heard, I joined up with the Starsiege: 2845 team as part of the Mapping Department. I'll also be doing game balance, which means I'll be throwing out (in) suggestions for the team and balancing (duh) weapon and vehicle statistics. I have to say that my first few months being on the team has been phenomenal, and we're making steady progress in development. But enough about that, you can grab more info from the mod's official site here.

Lately I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, and it turns out that I've finally cracked the sensor formula with Sentinal's help. As a result, I've updated the sensor page with the formula at the bottom, along with a few other improvements.

Speaking of improvements, it's obvious as of now that the site is in desperate need of a major overhaul. Quite frankly, I'm getting tired of sifting through thousands of lines of HTML when making these updates, and the overall look has become outdated. Unfortunately, I don't plan to be doing anything here until Starsiege: 2845 is released, and that's actually an 'if' (for the site, not the game) since my web design skills are lacking, but I think I can work around that.

In other news, I started college two days ago, and quite contrary to my expectations the transition has been a smooth one. I still have plenty of time to play my games and do my work, at least for now. I've been enjoying it here a lot... well there, I'm not staying on campus. Aside from that, your local Powio is striving for a higher education. Okay, I'm off to obsess some more about Starsiege. Ragnarok n' Roll, baby.

Just a quick update 03-14-04 6:15 PM EST
I'm still here and scripting/researching for SS. There has been a minor update to the special components concerning the Cloaking Device drain rate. Other than that, there's not much else. I may be looking at the sensors again pretty soon, but there's no guarentee that I'll find anything. Sentinal has suggested that I start making graphs for some of the weapons, so maybe when I get more into the graphing program he sent me I'll do some.

A lot has changed outside the site in the past six months. Therefore I've updated some outdated links, and I've also redirected the downloads page to Sun & Shadows since that's where most of my uploads are actually going. For those who haven't been keeping track of me outside Static Screen, I've recently compiled a new set of developing tools called Starsiege Tools, and even more recently a script that enhances Starsiege's built-in 'schedule()' command called the Event Scheduler. Both are (or will) be available on the Sun & Shadows download area (but you'll have to register to download anything first).

I don't expect to see a lot more changes to the site, at least until SS:2845 is released. I'm considering making a whole new database for that game as well. =)

::Blows the dust off the site:: 10-09-03 5:30 PM EST
It's been pretty quiet around Static Screen recently. I guess now that Sun & Shadows is here to stay, the site here has been pretty inactive. For the time being, the links page is disabled, because about half of them are no longer in service, and it just looks plain ugly to see that. =P S&S takes care of that sort of thing much better.

There's been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. For one, there's the SS:2485 mod, but probably already knew that. What you didn't probably know, is that I and many others are once again making a lot of progress customizing Starsiege. That means ZED stuff, DTS stuff, and texture stuff. All of that can be found right here. Now if you don't mind, I shall neglect the site some more.

Kidding! =P Do keep using this site. The vehicle database isn't worthless, after all.