Static Screen - News Archive - April 2002
Lurk Lurk Lurk 4-24-02 3:34 PM EST
Sentinal admitted to me that he was lurking about when he added this site to Bad Karma. Oh well, kudos to them anyway. Nice job guys. =)

And now for some updates concerning the status of this site.
Components: In progress!
SSRV Ranking Federation (aka SS Mega Arena): Nearly done!
Mission Editor Tutorial: Coming soon!
Hosting: Er, I'll get back to you on that. =)

More Linkage 4-23-02 9:25 PM EST
It seems that another site that I seem to know a bit less about has linked here called Bad Karma. Well, now I know =) and it's a site dedicated to Humanoid Bipedal Robots, otherwise known as Mechs to the fans. ^_^ That's another one to go on the list!

Finally some work gets done 4-23-02 8:10 PM EST
I just finished the Armors section, which actually got done relatively quickly (from the time it was actually started). Like I said, things have been getting in the way, but slowly but surely the Components section will get done now. Then hopefully all the peoples at Planet Tribes will host this site so I can get the downloads up.

What you say!! 4-17-02 11:55 AM EST
Yes, I know there updates have been in a severe drought. Well, it turns out that I'm a bit incapacitated right now with a sudden case of a widespread but harmless (almost) disease called Aybabtu Syndrome. Nothing more than a slight disorder of the brain. The only know cure is to yell out "somebody set us up the bomb" several times a day until 21:01 PM, when the local ZIGs are move around my house streets. In time, they get signal my yelling and take off every door. I will be given rights: "How are you gentlemen!! All your base are belong to us." I will go on the way to destruction on solitary confinement I have no chance to survive make my time, but they know what they doing... for great justice... =)

Seriously though, I have two major Starsiege Projects in the works at this moment with school not too close from me. There's going to be a lot of delay for a while, but the site will not stop here.

Who took my stuff? 4-13-02 2:13 PM EST
Well, it looks like I haven't gotten a reply from Planet Tribes yet. Either they rejected from some reason or haven't even looked at the letter yet. I guess I'll just continue updating untill I can't update anymore.

Brushing up... 4-8-02 4:12 PM EST
I fixed a few design errors on some of the pages, and also added a new area to the vehicles: Radar Cross Section; it's a value used to determine how sensitive a vehicle is toward radar. I'll go into more detail when Sensors become availble on the components page.

I also applied for hosting on Planet Tribes/Starsiege, so hope to see 'stuffs' soon. =)

Arsenal Complete 4-7-02 12:12 PM EST
I finally finished the weapons page, and it took longer than I thought it would. Thank goodness it's the most work I'll ever do on this site (nyagh!), at least I hope. X.x I still have to complete the components section, but hopefully that won't take too long either. You might have noticed that there are some new sections listed: "About This Site"; and one suggested by Sentinal and Raven that I should put on the main page: "Armor".

I'm thinking now would be a good time to ask Planet Starsiege/Tribes to host this site now that most of the main features have been finished. So... should I go for it? =)

Powio gets an idea... you're overuled! 4-5-02 1:59 PM EST
I thought I'd do something with the black pigment inside the vortex as well, and I thought it looked better than green. Only a little! =P Thanks goes out to all who voted in this three hour period anyway (*coughcoughsentinalcough*).

Blue or Green? 4-5-02 11:05 AM EST
Well I've finally got some backgrounds for the site that I made... the problem is: I just can't make up my mind! And when I get stuck, I get stuck... badly. I've posted up both a blue and a green one. The blue goes along with SSRV's traditional colors in a vortex o.O... yet, the dark green gives it some sort of lively feel and presents an interesting combination, as if the main site was lying on top of it. If anyone catches me playing Starsiege I'd appreciate it to know what you like best.

One Screwed Bryd Fort 4-3-02 2:38 PM EST
I just thought I'd mentioned that I changed the weak spot list on the Executioner to include the calfs, but not the main leg. Why? Well the calf moves less than one might think, and it's dang hard to hit the leg up front without hitting the weapon instead. Plus it's smaller. But you know it's a good choice anyway =P

I'd also like to mention that there's a new game type up on Starsiege called Defend and Destroy. Basically it's supposed to be "War done right" in which you destroy key-points of the enemy base to win, and it lives up to its purpose, although it seems a little to easy to win with blaster snipers... Currently there are only two maps, and one uses a custom terrain which you can get at The Junkyard. It looks pretty promising.

Slow but steady 4-2-02 3:36 PM EST
I'm sure you've all noticed that the updates have been coming in very slowly. Well, I've been busy paying close attention and doing much work on a project involving New Terrain Types and the Starsiege Community. You can view the topic here. It's currently over 76 posts long and there's a LOT of large images so brace yourself.

I'll try to work on the updates to site more startiiiiiinnng... now. =)