Static Screen - News Archive - April 2003
Back on track... 4-7-03 7:27 PM EST
The weapons section is up already, and it only took me half my whole day! Nyagh! =P

WTF 4-7-03 9:25 AM EST
I just found out today that decided to be a punk and throw in pop-up ads to the site after I turned on URL cloaking. Now it won't let me turn the durn thing off, which obviously makes no sense.

So from now until whenever, you'll have to link here through if you don't want ads. I suppose I could get real web domain and do away with that ugly .cjb extention, but I have no money, which I guess sucks too. (And to think I just sent an e-mail out to a bunch of SS sites to link using the old address.)

I have the day off today, so maybe the Weapons section will go faster than expected.

Static Screen v1.5 4-6-03
I knew I should have put up a notice that the site was moving, but I've been doing a lot of work in the background and I just HAD to open up the sight early. ^_^

As you can see, there have been a lot of improvements made recently. I've rewritten just about every vehicle, component, and armor page, and added in some new fancy pictures. Sheesh, I couldn't believe I made THAT MANY typos in there. Well, I've cut down on the sci-fi technical jargon and gotten right down to the facts, so navigating the data pages should be easier.

In other news, Sun and Shadows has been on a roll lately. Recently they embarked on a recruiting spree, and they have also been very generous in hosting some of the local fan sites. While they don't have that much bandwith, their affilate, Siegedom, compensates for this. Some of the new sites Sun and Shadows are hosting now are Static Screen (yay), Poppin' Scaps Baby, and the upcoming Starsiege: Men In Black v4.0.

Finally, Starsiege Survivors recently opened its doors with a spiffy looking site. I'm happy to say that the SSS crew did a great job unifying newbies and verterans alike with their helpful combat tips. I highly recommend that you check it out.

As of now, the weapons section is still down. Being so frickan huge, combined with the fact that it's revised the most just makes it take uber-long to finish. With school and all, I probably won't finish it until the end of this week.