Static Screen - News Archive - August 2002
Possible New Shapes for SS? 8-26-02 12:53 PM EST
Thanks goes out to Plague for dedicating some of his time to solving the mystery of the elusive .DTS files, which define the shapes of Starsiege. For over four years nobody has managed to edit or create new shapes, but with this new breakthrough, in addition to the Terrain project and the BMP Converter, we may see new Hercs and buildings with entirely new textures in the near future. More at the Sierra Forums.

Say good-bye to SSRV 8-18-02 10:33 PM EST
No, it's not going away and it hasn't been taken over, but you read correctly. After much thought, I decided that the Starsiege Resource Vortex wasn't exactly the best name for the site... "Resource Vortex"?! Uhh... why does that strike me now? Anyways, I've adopted a much more fitting name for it, seeing as you're always on the front 'screen' anyway, while this area changes according to your destination. =) So start updating your links, because I'm about to change the main link to

Finally Finished 8-18-02 4:21 PM EST
Well, after some downtime with one of the programs I was using to create the images for the vehicle/component database, I've finally gotten around to finish it but I'm very displeased with the fact that I couldn't keep up with my own promise of finishing the database quickly. Now to just put a few finishing touches on the site, add a few downloads, then I'll be ready to reapply for hosting at Planet Starsiege (Planet Tribes =P).

And now for a random advertisement: At this time I'm listening to one of the most kick-azz remixes of Frog's theme from Chrono Trigger, which for some reason gives me a feeling of accomplishment for finishing the biggest part of the site o.O You can get plenty of other video-game remixes like this one from OverClocked ReMix. Have fun. =)