Static Screen - News Archive - February 2002
Fixed some Cybrids... Bugs rather. 2-28-02 3:39 PM EST
I fixed several bugs in the vehicles area; thanks goes to my commanders Sentinal and Raven for watching and disagreeing with every move I make in just about everything (almost everything... hehehe..) =) Excuse my semi-rude humor folks. I plan on adding a Thank-You/Credits page soon to the site, and I have quite a lot of people to thank for whether you know it or not. You might be suprised if you find your name up there.

Also, after today will be the beginning of a new month, which means that the news archives will be active soon. Only the last two messages of the month will remain on the main page when I make the next post. Less when I make more posts, you will always be able to find older headings there.

Powio Goes to Pennsylvania 2-27-02 1:26 PM EST
Trees, deer, trucks, plenty of country/rock music, and some pretty dramatic storms. Ah yes, it's a good life. I just got home from vacation, and I have to say I just loved the place. I just wish a certain somebody would have picked something better to do there, but I won't name anything. Yuk. Everything else was beautiful though and actually clean! I guess it's time to get back to work now...but of course I do it for the Siegers!

Woo-hah! Awesome! o.O 2-23-02 12:00 PM EST
I finished the vehicles section before I would have to leave, like I said I would. =) For now I'm going to work on other parts of the site other than weapons and components. They're just sooooo much info gathering and almost like one big essay. Anyways take a good look at the vehicles untill then and see if you find out anything new or whatever. I know I was suprised while I was looking through some of them. o.o

Delays... 2-21-02 12:17 PM EST
Sorry about the delay for the past couple of days. And it turns out I won't be here from Sunday to Tuesday either. On a lighter note, this site rapidly seems to be getting popular even after an unannounced opening a week and a half ago and so far still little content. Before I leave for a few days, I'll try to complete the vehicles section and maybe open up a new part of the site =) Untill then, byenyzz!

Fragging It Up 2-16-02 2:05 PM EST
I took a challenge today by heading over to the ~IB@Cities server to try and hit the frag limit in a Dreadlock. After a few maps I was successful for the first time on DM_City_on_the_Edge within the 30 seconds of the time limit expiring. =D I thought I'd just have bragging rights. *Snicker*

Screen Shot

Yay, more time! 2-15-02
It's Winter Recess for me here at school, which means I'll have more time in the morning and night to update the site =) so far it's been growing at a slow but steady rate of about one page per day on the vehicles page, but now I'll have time to do three or four by getting school out of the way. As usual, keep checking back often; even if I don't show it here, there are more and more changes to the site elsewhere.

Launch Time! 2-9-02
That's right, the site is now official up an working even though there's nothing on it. Check back often for li'l additions here and there, starting with the vehicles page. =D I probably won't make any updates to this page while I'm working on it though, so think of it as a suprise for coming here every day... or every hour. Hehehe... I hope you all enjoy this site!