Static Screen - News Archive - July 2002
The Sentinal Mod 7-25-02 12:42 PM EST
Us people at the MIB (I'm proud to be a part of it =) )have released the Sentinal Mod, a mod that introduces more variety to Starsiege gameplay. It features plenty of new weapons, new components, and much more. It's compatible with normal play, which means you can switch it on and off through a command line without uninstalling it. You can download the latest version from here.

Yay! 7-10-02 11:46 PM EST
After about a month, I'm finally updating. Good news! Sentinal has allowed me to use his hosted site for downloads, so now I can make some real progress here starting with SS_Mega_Arena, the organized battle arena. Go check out the 'Maps' download section to find out more. =D