Static Screen - News Archive - July 2003
Moving on... 7-28-03 2:09 PM EST
There's one more download up today: Powio's Cybrid Taunt Pack, with sounds dubbed by myself.

Unforntunately I don't see much for Static Screen in the future, pertaining to Starsiege (the original) at least. With the upcoming SS:2845 Mod that is planned to be released for Tribes: Vengance, my script work in Starsiege is shifting over to the next generation. Well, not yet actually but it's getting there. Don't worry, I'm still around, and I'm still willing to script to support the game.

In the mean time, keep your eyes on the mod. If you play Half-Life my spare time for editing has gone there for now, so check us out over at the Men In Black / Blind Assassins Forums.