Static Screen - News Archive - June 2003
Another Skin Pack 6-23-03 6:00 PM EST
Although I haven't been in the pepiest of moods lately, in an effort to separate my personal problems with my online persona I've made an update. Yay! The downloads section is up and running, with some basic downloads provided by the Sun & Shadows common directory, and a few provided by yours truely. Bwa ha! More to come later... MAYBE. =P

Another Skin Pack 6-01-03 2:25 PM EST
For those of you who haven't heard, Velax is compiling another skin pack for the community. You can pick up the details here.

Also, I'd just like to mention that the Static Screen forums are affiliated with the Starsiege: Men In Black, which means that the Static Screen forums and MIB's editing and scripting forum are one and the same. Because they've moved their forums to Sun And Shadows, so have ours, so update your bookmarks people. =)