Static Screen - News Archive - March 2002
What a find! 3-21-02 5:36 PM EST
In a recent experiment, it turns out that there's a *third* type of damage (not to be confused with damage force) that effects vehicles. I present to you, in addition to Shield and Armor damage, Integrity damage, which is damage done to a vehicle's integrity. (Duh) This explains why some people win with EMP power a bit faster than expected, as it does 125 Integrity damage compared to its 62.5 Armor damage. I'll have all the weapons pages updated as soon as possible.

Hoppity, hoppity... 3-17-02 11:47 AM EST
Yes, I know there haven't been any updates to the site for nearly a week. I've been jumping around lately and today I just got back from my dad's place. Expect updates to start up again later tonight. =)

And a happy Saint Patrick's day to you all!

Houston, we've made contact. 3-10-02 11:50 AM EST
Yay! We're being linked to by our first... linker. (Besides StarsiegeMenInBlack.Cjb.Net) =D Check it out, and if you're the site owner reading this: good for you =)

Starsiege Holdover

PBWs? Nah, I want HLASes 3-4-02 7:30 PM EST
The weapons section is up! Obviously, it has practically nothing in it at the moment but it's moving. I know I said I'd do other sections right now, but I'd like to have most of the site done before applying for FTP space from Planet Tribes =) There's less to do with the weapons data since I've used pretty much all of them already and if there's some 'hidden' property like the vehicles had, it'll actually be on my sources here. Btw, HLASes rule for their velocity =)

Yes, I know I said I was gunna clean up the news page on this post, but I'll do it later. It's enough work to make a table of links like I did a few minutes ago. I think I'll put music on this site and get a background for that ugly black pigment behind the interface later too, if I can find any. =P