Static Screen - News Archive - March 2003
I'm back - with a new toy and a status report! 3-9-02 2:51 PM EST
Wow. It's been a long time since I've updated. Well the SS Community, including myself, have been in low morale lately, but I believe that's all changing as I have seen the sign! A VooDoo3 in the mail it was the other day, allowing me to play Starsiege and Tribes in all their Glide sweetage at 60fps!

Ehrm, aside from that, I have been busy working on a new type of mod that will allow players to introduce and interact with brand new shapes in Starsiege. It's called (uncreatively) "ShapeMod" and is currently in early development. Below is an screen shot of the map presenting these new shapes (again, in all its Glide sweetage).

I'm still looking for reliable hosting for the site, so the buttload of downloads I have to put up will still have to wait. I'm currently aiming for hosting at The Junkyard but it seems like the hosting application is still unavailable. Bah.

As you know I've really been pressed for time with school and all. I still am, but I'm beginning to make an effort to get the site updated. Then again, I've said that a lot of times and no update. I guess we'll just have to see. I plan to get some high-res screen shots of SS up, finish my tutorials, and maybe vivify the site a little bit. The colors and design look kinda washed out to me...

Lately a site known as Starsiege Survivors suddenly popped on the Starsiege Players Forum. It's currently under development, but from the screen shots it seems to function as an R&D site, similar to Static Screen. Hmm, both sites also have the same initials. So exactly what does this mean? I don't know; they could quite possibly be an affiliate in the near future or our *gasp* rival site! Bwa ha! One thing is for certain though, Static Screen will always be first for all your Starsiege R&D needs. =)

On a final note, check out Jennifer Government: Nation States. Most of the Starsiege fourmities have decided to create their own nation and join a region known as 'Starsiege Universe' (notice the lack of a 'the'). I'm currently residing in Shapemia, an Iron-Fist Consumerist state where the national animal is the HAGAM and the currency is the Brick. =) Check it out.