Static Screen - News Archive - May 2002
Almost time for vacation 5-21-02 11:18 AM EST
Summer vacation is almost here, which will mean more updates and less eVil teachers nagging me about doing my work. Just hold on a couple more weeks... yes, it does seem like a long time. x.x

E3 is tomorrow, go have fun or...

Btw, if I got the greek alphabet letters wrong on the components pages somebody tell me now. I didn't have many resources to work with when I made the pages.

Fully Completed! 5-11-02 1:19 PM EST
Okay, I was bored enough to finish the ranking system, so there ya go. All fixed and done with one minor thing taken out entirely: a system for ranking placement. I'll have Sentinal upload the map soon after the script's been tested for bugs.

The Arena 5-11-02 11:45 AM EST
The Starsiege Mega Arena is finally finished, minus the saved ranking system. Engineering a script over a sloppy 1,200 lines is hard work, and as I slowly go through with putting in rankings, the map is already playable. When I've fully tested it for bugs I'll put it up on Starsiege Men In Black for download, so you can all enjoy it. =)

Getting things together 5-8-02 3:34 PM EST
I know updates have been really slow lately. Again, I find it hard to do additional work after school, and I take advantage of my weekends for leisure. Yes, I'm lazy but this does not mean I've stopped working on the site. =) AK Ancients is down for maintenance with server upgrades but should be back up either today or tomorrow.