Static Screen - News Archive - October 2002
Another Tutorial Update 10-27-02 4:08 PM EST
New in v1.1.00: Cleaned up and justified the tutorial. Fixed many small errors. Added a couple of more mouse functions for the ZED editor in 3D mode. Made instructions for ZED detail levels clearer. Corrected an error in the PicaNew input files. File changes are included with Tutorial-only package. You can get it in the Utilities section.

Quick Update 10-20-02 9:12 PM EST
The Starter Pack has been updated to v1.01. The latest update fixes many errors and inconsistencies within the tutorial. As always, you can find it in the Utilities section.

Go make your dreams come true! 10-19-02 9:12 PM EST
My Starter Pack for making new ZED shapes is complete! It features a 29-page HTML tutorial to get things started, complete with pictures and other things. It has been uploaded to the Utilities page, along with a few other goodies. Enjoy!

New ZED Shapes: Possible and DONE 10-15-02 6:17 PM EST
I would like to announce that I, Super Powio, have been able to make the first new ZED shapes for Starsiege using the Tribes Tools that have, up until now, been an enigma to Starsiege's Darkstar Engine. For those of you who don't know, ZEDs are the buildings in Starsiege and Tribes that the player can actually walk into.

Will these new interior shapes be included with the 1.005 patch? Most definately, but probably as a separate, unique .vol. I'm going to begin making a Starter Kit to allow players to use the Starsiege textures, as the original tutorials that came with the Tribes Tools only supported the files that came with Tribes. And of course I'll also be uploading a copy of the Tribes Tools. Stand by...

Thanks goes out to my good friends Sentinal [MIB] and Raven [MIB] for reminding me about the Tribes Tools. =P

1.005 Patch for Starsiege Underway 10-06-02 12:01 PM EST
Former Dynamix employee and current Starsiege player Eviscerator has put his blood, tears, and sweat into gaining the rights to start a 1.005 patch for Starsiege since Dynamix was disbanded, and finally the production of that patch is about to start. The goals of the new patch will be to fix bugs that were never fixed after the release of the 1.004 patch, and to complete the game with all the features that were originally intended to be included but never made it into the final release.

This will be a from-scratch development. Think you can help out? Sign up! Most of the development team will be made up some former Dynamix employees, now most likely working at Garage Games, and the community itself. More info at the Starsiege Players Forum and the new 1.005 Patch site, hosted by Sun and Shadows and the Siegedom Forums.