Static Screen - Weapons - Arachnitron Mobile Assault Mine (ARACH)
The Arachnitron is special kind of mine in that it chases its target via robotic legs. Despite its looks, it is actually quite fast, and unfortunately for the target, also quite powerful.

For those with the original Starsiege manual, the weapons section states that the Arachnitron can be jammed by ECM. This does not work, and thus the Arachnitron cannot be jammed at all.

General Data
Appearance Small, brown, walking spider.
Tech Level 3 | 4 | 5
Tech Base Cybrid
Combat Value 410.0 | 450.0 | 490.0
Mass 2.0 mTons | 4.0 mTons | 6.0 mTons
Size Small | Medium | Large
Ammunition 4 | 8 | 12
Rearm Time 2.0 Sec
Lock Time 3.0 Sec
Proximity Range 0m
Arming Delay 0 Sec
Blast Radius 5m
Duration 30 Sec
Special Properties Chases its target.
Shield Effects
Damage 250
Phase % 40%
Armor Effects
Damage 250
Phase % 0%
Integrity Effects
Damage 250
In-Depth Data
Psuedo Mass 100
Starting Velocity 50 m/Sec
Maximum Velocity 50 m/Sec
Acceleration 50 m/Sec
Concussive Damage % 75%
Electric Damage % 0%
Thermal Damage % 25%
Special Damage % 0%

1* The numbers in parenthesis next to the damage indicators represent the amount of damage inflicted after phase has been factored in. Due to the complexity of the damage formulae, I have opted not to include the damage inflicted through phasing.
2* Firing a weapon before it has fully rearmed will result in reduced damage. However, contrary to popular belief the damage rate will NOT be affected at constant fire.
3* Any weapon with a blast radius has the potential to do more overall damage (shield, and armor damage) if the blast radius consumes more than one part. This explains why BCs, HBCs, and sometimes EMPs do phenomenal shield damage.