Static Screen - Weapons - Heavy Blaster (HBLAS)
Plasma Weapon
Although the Heavy Blaster is more powerful than its smaller version, its technical specs offset its advantage. Most pilots may find themselves better off with the normal Blaster.

General Data
Appearance Green, 'fireball.'
Tech Level 6
Tech Base Advanced
Combat Value 865.0
Mass 5.0 mTons
Size Medium
Energy Consumption 45
Range 1000m
Velocity 425 m/Sec
Charge Time 1.6 Sec
Blast Radius 0.25m
Special Properties Partial phase through shields.
Shield Effects
Damage 535 (428)
Rate 334.4/Sec (267.5/Sec)
Energy Ratio 7.4 (5.9)
Phase % 20%
Armor Effects
Damage 481.5
Rate 300.9/Sec
Energy Ratio 6.7
Phase % 0%
Integrity Effects
Damage 535
Rate 334.4/Sec
Energy Ratio 7.4
In-Depth Data
Psuedo Mass 0
Concussive Damage % 0%
Electric Damage % 100%
Thermal Damage % 0%
Special Damage % 0%

* The numbers in parenthesis next to the damage indicators represent the amount of damage inflicted after phase has been factored in. Due to the complexity of the damage formulae, I have opted not to include the damage inflicted through phasing.