Static Screen - Weapons - Magneto-Fusion Assault Cannon (MFAC)
Plasma Weapon
The Magneto-Fusion Assault Cannon is a powerful weapon of brute force. It can literally punch through enemy defenses within a single blow, however it is quite bulky, and its projectile is extremely slow. Aim true with this weapon, its Energy Ratio is too low to afford any misses, not to mention its long recharge time.

General Data
Appearance Bright-blue or gold, fiery ellipse.
Tech Level 8
Tech Base Advanced
Combat Value 1225.0
Mass 10.5 mTons
Size Extra Large
Energy Consumption 50
Range 1000m
Velocity 300 m/Sec
Charge Time 3.1 Sec
Blast Radius 0.5m
Special Properties Wields all damage forces.
Shield Effects
Damage 1000
Rate 322.6/Sec
Energy Ratio 6.5
Phase % 0%
Armor Effects
Damage 1000
Rate 322.6/Sec
Energy Ratio 6.5
Phase % 0%
Integrity Effects
Damage 1000
Rate 322.6/Sec
Energy Ratio 6.5
In-Depth Data
Psuedo Mass 300
Concussive Damage % 40%
Electric Damage % 40%
Thermal Damage % 20%
Special Damage % 0%

1* The numbers in parenthesis next to the damage indicators represent the amount of damage inflicted after phase has been factored in. Due to the complexity of the damage formulae, I have opted not to include the damage inflicted through phasing.
2* Firing a weapon before it has fully rearmed will result in reduced damage. However, contrary to popular belief the damage rate will NOT be affected at constant fire.
3* Any weapon with a blast radius has the potential to do more overall damage (shield, and armor damage) if the blast radius consumes more than one part. This explains why BCs, HBCs, and sometimes EMPs do phenomenal shield damage.